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terça-feira, 26 de maio de 2009

...current state of affairs...

Plans will come together shortly, or not at all, and be replaced with heavy drinking and general misconduct...
Easing my mind lately listening to Songdog's - A Wretched Sinner's Song, Drive-By Trucker's - The Dirty South, Andrew Bird's - Noble Beast and Old Jerusalem's - Two Birds Blessing, all great music that hits all the right spots for me, repeatedly.
Working on a couple of new songs I'm finding really interesting. I'm enjoying where my song-writing is going, and hopefully will get to share my music with as many people as possible over the next few months, get some real feedback and see what's what.
Will be posting relevant info regarding the C.A.O. concert in July soon, actually most of the line-up will be rehearsing later-on today, can't wait to see how it all comes together.
Pretty sure I'll be anouncing other Summer gigs shortly, just waiting on details regarding events and band line-up, I really want to keep the energy from the last few shows growing so I'll be focusing on playing live with drums and bass whenever possible.
Happy Birthday to all my "May" friends! Sorry couldn't be around more for the celebrations but this is life at the moment, too much work, too little play.
Stay sane.

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