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terça-feira, 4 de agosto de 2009

Things & Stuff

Another fabulous 9:13 event is being scheduled for September 12th! Nothing is 100% confirmed, but intended location for the event is the Sai de Baixo bar/restaurant in Porto Novo. The 9:13 events are great showcases for musicians and other performers here on Madeira Island, and are usually lovely bohemian evenings hehe... and definitely worth attending!
My KoolFest performance has been re-scheduled for Friday August 21st, supporting Kung Fu Funk. Band line-up for the the night will feature Helder Gonçalves on bass, António Santa Clara on drums, Martin Üvgard on harmonica and Marco Argénis on accordeon. Thanks guys for your availability and contributions! Cheers!
Album plans are coming together and recordings will kick off early Septemeber at local studio
Paulo Ferraz Studio, I can't wait...

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