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sábado, 12 de setembro de 2009

DD Peartree - Studio Report 1

August 31st marked the beginning of the recordings for my first album, scheduled for release in summer 2010. After a lot of financial and logistic planning, I decided to begin the album in Madeira, in Paulo Ferraz Studio. The album is being produced by the fabulous Paulo Miranda, a top portuguese producer (my favourite!) envolved in great albums by the likes of Unplayable Sofa Guitar, Old Jerusalem, The Legendary Tiger Man, Peixe:Avião, The Poppers and many others, so having him on board is nothing less than awesome (I hope he reads this...). The first step towards the album envovled 5 great days recording mostly drums, bass, accordeons, harmonicas, various organs and pianos, and some guitars. In other words, a lot of other people sweating away with me keeping the pressure on hehe. We got the basics for 12 songs done, next step will be taken later this year or early 2010 with me travelling to Paulo Miranda's very own legendary indie/alternative mecca (I really really hope he's reading this...) AMP Studio in Viana do Castelo to lay down the rest of the guitars, all vocals, possibly a few more songs and if necessary work on other instrumentation. Pictures up next, thanks to Paulo and Cristina for them!

working away

Paulo Miranda, Helder Gonçalves, me, António Santa Clara

Helder Gonçalves and António Santa Clara

Paulo Miranda working

Martin Üvgard and me

António Santa Clara

Helder Gonçalves, Martin Üvgard and me

Hector Teixeira, me and Paulo Miranda

Marco Argénis

Cristina & paperwork


Hector Teixeira & me

The weeks work: Paulo Miranda produced and recorded, assisted by Cristina and Paulo Ferraz, António Santa Clara played drums, Hélder Gonçalves played bass, Martin Üvgard played harmonica, Hector Teixeira played piano, organ and accordeon, Marco Argénis played accordeon, DD Peartree played guitar. Thanks to all mentioned for the great work! Songs worked on: Moment, Walk Away, I've No Fire, A Lie a Day, Fare Thee Well, Twists & Turns, The Love I Used To Love, The World Iggy and Me, The Devil That You Know, Drifting Drifting, Please Baby Don't, Last Day in London. More news soon!

2 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

Best Wishes, Go Abroad!

Paulo Miranda disse...

Oh man! I read it!

I feel kinda embarassed, afterall, working with you just felt like a fantastic holiday!
Really, it did!
Work was so much fun, all the musicians and the studio owner were so cooperative... man, it was GREAT fun! And you were so kind and took such a great care with us!

I'll do my best to see if it all translates into the album.
Looking forward to your arrival here in my studio to finalize this awesome production!

I miss you all, guys!

Paulo Miranda