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quinta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2009

DD Peartree @ Copacabana - Ant3na On Tour Warm Up Party!

Hey! Having a few throat problems lately, some vocal chord infection or something, hopefully will be able to keep my FNAC appearance this coming Sunday, fingers crossed (this is a great excuse if it goes terribly wrong hehe). Meanwhile I can confirm that we'll have the pleasure of performing at the Ant3na On Tour Warm Up Party being held at the Madeira Casino's Copacabana nightclub! It's one the best known night spots on the Island so we're really excited to be there! It's the perfect chance to play the songs and their new arrangements and make it a kind of teaser for the upcoming album. I'll be joined on stage, yet again, by my wonderful friends Hélder Gonçalves on bass, António Santa Clara on drums, Hector Teixeira on piano and accordeon, Marco Argénis also on accordeon and Martin Üvgard on harmonica. It's our biggest on-stage presence ever, and a great chance to hear the songs as they're intended to sound on the album, so come join us for a great night! See you there!

1 comentário:

Takapona beach disse...

Sounds good mate, we never made it there :)