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quarta-feira, 3 de março de 2010

Recording Journal Day 1

Hey all! Finally hit the road, and sea, and made my way up to Viana do Castelo to continue work on the album. The ferry ride out of Madeira featured some rough sea and 24 hours of excrutiating boredome and films dubbed in spanish, a mixture that messed up my disposition to say the least :P On arrival and sleepless from the maritime adventure, I drove 600Kms over 6 to 7 hours and finally arrived in Porto, my safe haven for the first night. Pedro and Pupa welcomed me with licks and Alessandra & Alessandra provided some much appreciated authentic Itlaian dinner and general disposition, cheers guys! Monday saw me making the final short stretch up to lovely Viana do Castelo, meeting and catching up with Paulo Miranda, and settling in to what will be home for the next couple of weeks, and it feels it :) I'm right in the middle of the picturesque town and 10 metres from AMP Studio, so you can't really beat that. Tuesday saw us dive into work, a great day to start off with. We layed down some acoustic and electric guitars on 6 or 7 songs and I can already feel the songs are heading in the right direction! Next post will feature some pictures of the first few days! Thanks again to everyone willing me on and supporting this nutter's dreams, love and respect to you all!

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