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quinta-feira, 8 de abril de 2010

New songs online! Gigs in Lisbon!

I've now uploaded 3 songs from my recently finished debut album to my myspace profile! Besides "Fare Thee Well", you can now listen to "The Love I Used To Love" and "The Devil That You Know", listen, spread the word, enjoy, and give me all the feedback you can!
As some of you know I've spent the last weeks in Lisbon contacting record labels, radio stations and getting to know the local music venues. Unfortunately no news on releasing the album yet... but... I'll be back in Lisbon from May onwards playing shows around the city! Confirmed gigs so far include O'Gillins on May 27th ( and Braço de Prata on June 30th ( and I'll be announcing further dates over the next days.
Another thing I'll definitely be doing more of is playing on the beautiful streets of Lisbon, and I'd like to take the opportunity to thank all the lovely people who helped film our recent "Twist & Turns around Lisbon" idea. You were essential to the whole concept so thanks for your availability! And of course a massive thank you to Paulo and Vanessa from "Andersen Molière" for backing me up as we tramped around all day! Cheers mates!

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