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sábado, 30 de outubro de 2010

! ! ! DD Peartree EP ! ! !

Finally here! I'm very happy to announce that with Warm Up Cafe's support I now have a 4 track promo EP available. Excluding live shows, the current edition of the EP will be on sale exclusively at Warm Up Cafe in Funchal, Portugal. In the near future I hope to organize an online shop or similar to allow people everywhere to get one, but for the time being this is the scenario... bare with me... :) The EP features 2 songs from the Twists & Turns album recorded earlier this year ("The Love I Used To Love" & "Last Day In London") and two exclusive tracks recorded during the album sessions that will feature only on this EP, "The World, Iggy, and Me" and a studio-live acoustic version of "Drifting, Drifting". Thanks to everyone envolved in the EP becoming reality, Warm Up Cafe for their belief & support, Gabz for "in-betweening", Bruno Espadana for the excellent cover photo and of course everyone envolved in the album recording, of which these tracks are a sample of! Thanks to family, friends and fans for keeping me going and motivated. I hope to get the full album Twists & Turns out by Spring/Summer 2011, one way or another! If you're in the Lisbon area and want the EP drop me a word and we'll arrange something, as I have no shows scheduled for a few months (work, work, work...).Cheers all!!!!!

1 comentário:

Joe disse...

Nice one Dieter, the very best of luck. See you soon