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quarta-feira, 2 de março de 2011

! ! ! Norsk News ! ! !

Hey all! Arrived safe and sound in Oslo! Just to keep me on edge my guitar didn't arrive from Munich... then did hehe. Great to be back! I'll be featured in regional and national press this week with some kind words and interviews thanks to Helge Ottesen at VARDEN, Anne-Lise Surtevju at TA. I´ll also be featured in TELEN. Thanks to all! Regarding the upcoming shows I´m very (very!) happy to announce I'll be joined on stage by the talented Jan Birger Akerhaugen, Marius Schei Johansen, Line Kåsa and Hanna Sannes! What a line up! A big thank you to Bjørn Skjeslien at HEAD OF PROMOTION for everything so far and so much more to come! Hope to see some of you guys at the shows! :) More news later! Ciau!

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