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segunda-feira, 11 de julho de 2011

New song "Fifty-Four" - AcoustYCs Show

Hey everyone! Another new song from the great AcoustYCs Show now available! The song is called "Fifty-Four", it's a more up-tempo tune I wrote based around the characters I used to encounter regularly on a bus trip I took daily for a few months in Lisbon. Both this and the song featured on my previous post, "My Song Is Gone", are new and yet un-recorded songs written after the album completion last year. Still no news on getting Twists & Turns out, but I'm working on it :) I'm keeping busy and hoping to get to record a bunch of new songs soon! Anyway... Hope you enjoy this one! Let me know and spread the word! Again featuring Paulo Ferraz on Percussion, Vanessa Amorim on Glockenspiel and Diogo Andrade on Bass! Click HERE on on the video image below to view it!

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