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sexta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2012

Oslo & Notodden

Hi all! Finally have some time to put you up to date with what's been happening. We played on Monday January 30th at HERR NILSEN's in Oslo. The venue is an old Jazz club with lovely atmosphere, nowadays a "must" for most Jazz/Blues/Country/Bluegrass acts, both local and foreign. A great stage and sound, and very cosy allround. Everything went great, thanks to all of you that came to the show, it's always special to have people leaving their warm homes to venture through the snow to hear my music and have a good time! Thanks to the helpful staff and sound people at the venue, definitely somewhere I'd be happy to return to. A few days later me and the guys travelled out to Notodden to return to BELLMAN, where I performed in March last year. And as with last year's gig, a fantastic evening :) Playing in that area always feels like a homecoming of sorts to me, for so many reasons I won't get into. Even more so to Line, Jan, Fredrik and Marius who are originally from nearby. It's always great for musicians to see and play for friends and family, and that really came across, we all had a great time performing. Thanks to you all, and the kind staff and Jack on the sound. Personally I'll say that was one of my favourite shows yet, so thank you Notodden! The pictures featured are from our Bellman soundcheck, kindly taken by Marjit Vinjerui, who's performances with me at both gigs were brilliant!Some exciting plans are coming together concerning recording. It's been a while since I had some studio time, so I'm really hoping it all comes together. More news on that soon. Meanwhile we'll be getting things ready for the album release in April! See you around! Snakkes!

1 comentário:

Joe Pereira disse...

Nice one D - hope it all goes to plan - see you soon :)