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segunda-feira, 30 de abril de 2012

Twists & Turns Release Gig @ Cafe Mono 17.04.2012

Hey all! Finally have some time to tell you about the Twists & Turns release gig/party. It was definitely a day to remember for me, for so many reasons. Getting to release an album that I've worked so hard to get together over the last 5 years was a huge mix of happiness, relief and a general feeling of accomplishment. As I mentioned on the night during my ramblings between songs, there are so many people envolved in the album coming together, be it as musicians, sound and production people, loved ones supporting me all the way, fans, management and promotion people and so on, that if they were all to have made it to the release event, as would be fitting, we would have definitely needed a larger venue :)
As it happens Mono was it's usual cool self and made for a great day. Having some friends and family around just made it perfect :)

Received good luck messages throughout the day, thank you all!
Jan, Marius, Markus and sound crew setting things up... 
Atention to detail on the cozy corner stage at Mono.

Cafe Mono is always well prepared and routined for live music, so that makes for smooth and efficient  setting up and  sound checks. I must again thank the house sound crew and guest sound technician Jon for top quality stuff on the night, tusen takk! It also has a great "backstage", well actually above the stage upstairs, which is essential for people to unwind before and after the shows. Nice and private, cool, and always made comfortable with some complimentary nibbles and sips. 

Fredrick and Markus
Bands and management talking the usual rubbish
Me and Kim Lia
Kim Lia kicked off the evening with his own brand of personal raw acoustic songs. I must admit I didn't get to see his performance this time, but heard it from my pre-gig nervous state backstage. People watching Kim for the first time really enjoyed what they saw and heard, as do I. He was joined on stage by Thomas Helgaseth on bass. Check out Kim Lia on facebook or myspace!

Thomas and Kim Lia in full flight
I hit the stage solo, as has become increasingly common over the last couple of years. After playing "Drifting, Drifting" I was joined by Jan Birger Akerhaugen on banjo for "Fare Thee Well" and "Twists & Turns". The album songs really have "twisted and turned" themselves over the last few years, and with everybody's input and interpretation of the songs they always seem fresh, and that really helps me keep playing them with drive and keep wanting to share them. Jan then moved to electric guitar as we were joined by Marius Johansen on pedal steel guitar, Fredrick Kaasa on bass and Markus Matland on keyboards (for his first show with us!). With this band format we played the only 2 songs we played that evening not featured on the album, "My Song Is Gone" and new song "Summer Breeze". I particularily enjoyed this section of the gig, this type of mellow toned down line-up really feels good on the songs. Marius then moved to drums, Jan onto pedal steel guitar and we perfromed "Last Day in London" which has gone from feet stomping folk-rocker to a broody country style ballad, with probably more changes to come... more lives in it then a cat I say :) A new version of "Please Baby Don't" followed, much to the delight of my backing singers watching fron the left of the stage, all the way from London and Portugal :) Cheers guys!!!*** "Moment", "The Love I Used To Love" and "Big Little Things" rounded off a great hour in my life. Coaxed into a encore, I opted for something very close to my heart, a solo rendition of Rod Stewart's beautiful "Fool For You". What can I say... Thanks to everyone envolved, again and again. Love you! See you soon!

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