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quarta-feira, 30 de maio de 2012

! ! ! Nova Nedstrippa's Betong Festival ! ! !

Hey! Had a great time last week at the Nova Nedstrippa event at Betong! A great evening, thanks to all of you that showed up and made it so much fun! Special thanks to the comfy people who dragged a sofa into row 1, the guy who ballet styled his way across the stage during The Kabeedies performance, and everyone that joined in the Conga train! Yes, it was that kind of evening...
I played a very short 5 song set with a full band, Marius, Jan Birger, Fredrik and Markus with me. So sorry we couldn't give you more but organizing anything has been very difficult lately. I promise it won't happen again! I'll be taking some time off live performances to sort my life out. I'll definitely be writing some new music over the Summer and hope to be back at full speed in the Autumn, playing live and hopefully recording, fingers crossed!
Thank you again Nova Nedstrippa! 
A couple of pictures have surfaced meanwhile, taken by Nova Nedstrippa's own Tine! Cheers*

A borrowed guitar and a 2nd hand Nigerian shirt, that's me.

Punch line eyes.

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