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segunda-feira, 14 de maio de 2012

There & back again. Cheers Trondheim!

Hey! I have a bit more time than usual, I've also had my camera with me more than usual. So... all things considered I can present a more substantial account of my recent trip up to Trondheim to play at Familien! It's a long way up to Norway's 3rd city, in our case a journey split between train and coach. The hours on the train just flew by, Nature seems at it's most amazing when you travel by train. The coach... not so much. We left early morning, as you do for these kind of things, the weather was perfect. Fredrick Kaasa and Markus Matland joined me for the trip, on bass and piano repectively. And thanks to them for that, hope you enjoyed it lads! The scenery was breath-taking, starting down by woods and lakes and working our way up and over rocky snow covered mountains. I marvelled at it all, while Fredrick allegedly spotted every kind of animal know to National Geographic on the trip up, including strange accounts of a large stag swimming against the current in the middle of a big river, and a dead musk oxen sticking out of a train station... Yes... he was drinking :D (joking mate!) 

First signs of the snow to come...
The skeptic joins the animal spotters in the train bar.
Up and over the whiteness...
Markus stretching out on the final coach stretch to Trondheim.
Trondheim, like many towns and cities in Norway, is really transformed by sunlight. I had been there before, always enjoyed it, but never really understood how people labelled it a pretty city. This time, with the glorious weather's assistance it became very clear. We were on a tightish schedule but dropped our stuff off at where we were staying and went for a browse, and savoured some local delicacies, i.e., Dahl beer :) Great stuff!

Understanding the hype.

What a life...
Right weather for an expensive pint.

Everyhting went great at Familien, a big thank you to Ole and all the staff there for a great job. The gig was an acoustic kind of affair, it's been a couple of years since I performed my songs in a trio, but I think we pulled it off :) Amazing to see so many cool people there on a Tuesday night, thank you all so much! Thanks also to Hanne and Cesar for a great interview for and backstage banter before the show. I'll be posting the fruits of their labour soon here on the blog! To everyone that talked to us and made us feel so welcome before and after the show, cheers! If I come across some pictures of the performance they'll be posted here too. Tusen takk Trondheim! See you soon!

Twin Peaks moment backstage after the show... Cheers Ruben & Niclas!

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